About Us

Mirra Designs was dreamed up by Amy Schulz in 2010 when she realized she could apply her artistic eye and inherent talent to the world of gemstones. She spent much of her life embracing the arts, but she was always drawn to the majestic beauty of gemstones, precious metals, and handcrafted jewelry. When her mother suggested the name Mirra Designs, Amy’s imagination took flight and through plenty of hard work, long days, and even longer nights did her company blossom into the jewelry boutique that it is today. Mirra Designs is about creating affordable yet amazing pieces for both mothers and daughters and, over the years, has expanded from her original humble beginnings.

Now, Mirra Designs offers a wide variety of natural gemstone, faux druzy, and Swarovski crystal jewelry alongside exquisitely sophisticated baby headbands. After the birth of her first baby, she decided that glitz and glamour belonged to women of all ages, hence the incorporation of baby accessories into her established adult product lines. Each item is expertly crafted with an attention to detail that can only be achieved by years of dedicated practice. Amy would like to encourage you to browse through her shop and find something that sparks happiness in your heart. When you shop at Mirra Designs, you are guaranteed not only a beautiful new accessory to showcase your personality, but also a shopping experience that is paired with customer service that feels more like shopping with a friend.